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Having success in representing buyers’ interests all comes down to negotiation, being aggressive, having good working relationships, a good reputation, working with good people who are respected in all areas of the business, to name a few.  Having someone look out for your interest and your interest alone is the best way to go.   As a listing agent and as a buyer’s agent, I know the benefits of having a solid broker on your side.  I like to consider myself one of the most honest, forthcoming people in the business. When going directly to the listing agent, they most likely developed a good relationship with the sellers, and they work for the sellers. The notion that an agent is cutting their commission to provide you with a more significant break? It’s all sweet talk. That is why especially if it’s your first time buying a property, you should hire a buyer’s agent to guide you through the steps, make sure your interest is fully protected.  If it isn’t me, find someone you’re comfortable with, have a good repour with, and feel l is knowledgeable and honest. The deal isn’t over after it gets accepted.  It then needs an inspection, then a contract to sign, then an excellent lender to make sure the sale closes, then the appraisal, and finally, the clear to close, getting insurance, and more.  That all is if no problems arise during the purchase.  What happens if the appraisal comes back short.  What happens the day of closing and you and the listing agent representing you arrange the walk-through, and you notice repairs were not made that were agreed to? I know if it were me, I would call the attorney for the buyer and ask for his counsel on handling it. I would mention to all parties that we are not closing until fully rectified if they didn’t have the money that day put into escrow.




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