About Mark Lanfranchi




Who Is Mark Lanfranchi, NYS Licensed Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Advantage?

Here's the most important thing you need to know: I am more than just any real estate broker and look to set myself apart from others in this business. I have unique skillsets that make my record speak for itself when selling homes for top dollar in each area.  As a buyers agent, I am equally as effective because of my work ethic, tenacity, boldness, and I present all offers over a three-way call with the seller of the home and listing agent.  I present the offer in my tone of voice, the way I think it should sound, saying the words I choose to say while presenting the offer.  It is way more personable, I am guaranteeing your offer gets to the proper place and gives us a leg up on the competition.   I trade in and get the best terms and prices possible on homes I get for my buyers. Giving my clients personal attention and being by my phone to answer all concerns and questions is very important.

Coldwell Banker Advantage:

Working with such a talented office, with an amazing staff, and a fantastic broker-owner has been remarkable.  You just don't see offices with such a good staff and talent that gets along so well in this business.  As a franchise, Coldwell Banker is #1 in Luxury Real Estate, Globally.  We are in 46 countries around the globe, and we have been around longer than any other brokerage.  When I list a home for sale, I am confident your property is being seen in top numbers as far as exposure.  Between being part of the Brooklyn MLS and the Staten Island MLS, the Coldwell Family has a huge network of professionals and databases that helps make the process seamless. 

Mark Lanfranchi


Starting out by co-owning a property management company out of DT B.K was what set me up to become very knowledgeable in all areas around different spectrums of this business.  I would consult on negotiations, sales, business, finance, insurance, management, and more, with investors and companies both large and small, as well as a union.  Then I tried out being a realtor and fell in love.
selling homes for top dollar in just about every area I have sold has set me apart in many ways. I don't try to list homes for less than they are worth for reasons that suit my own interest, to set expectations low. I actually make my job harder by setting expectations high, which is why I also deliver on those expectations time and time again. I have great working relationships in the business, which is extremely helpful in buying and selling homes. I am very passionate about real estate, helping others, building relationships by working with such amazing people day in and out.

My listings get viewed with maximum exposure in each of the areas of their kind. Marketing is a solid area of mine, and I hold nothing back when spending money to get a job done. When I take a listing and look a client in the eyes and tell them I will get this done, I mean it, and all excuses go out the window, I take full responsibility for my actions.  I am part of the B.K and S.I MLS as well as a Premier Agent with Zillow and Trulia, giving your home the most exposure it can get. I am an analytical guy doing Facebook targeted ads, and other direct marketing.  Having a large social media presence which in this day and age helps get the word out about clients' homes for sale, is extrmely effective.  Also doing drone and aerial photography to make your home stand out to sell homes faster, & for more money.  I welcome everyone to call me and learn how I can help you as well because I am all about "getting the job done right and the first time around." 

"Getting the job done right the first time around."

My History

My history of selling homes for top dollar comes with great love and passion for my craft of being a professional realtor. Excellent work ethics, power, boldness, determination, love for helping others, solid working relationships, and an excellent reputation for closing deals helps this effort out. I find people fascinating and often have to help with the emotional stress of moving, clients dealing with change, financial issues, loss of loved ones, and others. I love when people confide in me, and I am that advisor, voice of reason, or just that ear to listen. I love hearing where they are going, the timeline, and what I can do to make it the best experience possible.

My Promise

I promise that at the end of our time working on a deal together, whether using me to purchase a home or sell a home, perhaps both, you will have said that I was a dedicated, hard-working agent with excellent knowledge in my field. I worked hard to ensure I protected all your interests. I think the experience, at a minimum, will be a good experience where my heart and soul went into bringing about the best result possible for you and your family. I pledge to be forthcoming and honest always and represent you and your family's needs and properties with respect because it diserves attention to detail.